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From Hallvard Trætteberg <>
Subject [SCXML] Modifying a statechart during runtime
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2010 13:01:42 GMT

I been using SCXML for a long time (among others, I've implemented 
support for Javascript), and I am in general pretty satisfied. In my 
latest project, I will be generating a statechart from states that will 
be composed into a hierarchy. The states are actually tied to objects in 
an object tree, which is traversed to collect and compose the 
statechart. Since objects come and go, I need to extend the machine 
during runtime. In principle, I can stop, regenerate and restart the 
statechart, but I would rather extend it on the fly.

- Is it possible to extend the state machine with new states, without 
restarting the machine? In my case, I only need to add regions in a 
parallel, so semantically it isn't problematic.
- Is there a clean way of storing and restoring the state of the 
machine, in a format that can be inspected and modified (e.g. to change 
the current state).

Best regards,

Hallvard Trætteberg

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