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From Bill Herring <>
Subject History in parallel?
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 22:51:13 GMT
My reading of the latest W3C working draft is that SCXML supports  
history pseudo-states in parallel ones.   When I run my app with the  
SCXML model below, I get:
	WARNING: Ignoring element <history> in namespace " 
and then it cannot find the two resume_ targets.

Does Commons SCXML support history elements as parallel children?  Am  
I doing something wrong here?

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<scxml xmlns=""
        version="1.0" initial="off_call">
	<state id="off_call">
		<transition event="dial" target="call_active"/>
	<parallel id="call_active">
		<state id="talk_status" initial="talking">
			<state id="talking">
				<transition event="hold"   target="held" />
			<state id="held">
				<transition event="retrieve"   target="talking" />
		</state>  <!-- END talk_status -->
		<state id="call_status" initial="on_call">
			<state id="on_call">
				<transition event="hangup"		target="off_call"/>
				<transition event="consult"		target="consult_active"/>
			<state id="on_call_consult">
				<transition event="hangup"		target="off_call"/>
				<transition event="alternate"	target="resume_consult"/>
		</state>    <!-- END call_status -->
   		<history id="resume_call" type="deep"/>    			
	</parallel>  <!-- END call_active -->
	<parallel id="consult_active">
		<state id="consult_talk_status" initial="consult_talking">
			<state id="consult_talking">
				<transition event="hold"   target="consult_held" />
			<state id="consult_held">
				<transition event="retrieve"   target="consult_talking" />
		</state>  <!-- END consult_talk_status -->
		<state id="consult_status" initial="on_consult">
			<state id="on_consult">
				<transition event="hangup"		target="resume_call"/>
				<transition event="alternate"	target="resume_call"/>
		</state>    <!-- END consult_status -->
	  	<history id="resume_consult" type="deep"/>    			
	</parallel>  <!-- END consult_active -->


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