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From Julius Davies <>
Subject Re: Commons Codec: base64 "strict" mode?
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2009 18:11:36 GMT
> On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 10:24 AM, Adam Rabung <> wrote:
>> Julius,
>> My particular problem was the client was not encoding url-safe, and
>> then sending over http.  The result was I was trying to decode " "
>> where the client had encoded "+" - so I wasn't get a "+" OR a "-".  A
>> strict Base64 would have caught this immediately.  I'm not very
>> familiar w/ the base 64 spec, so your #1 concerns me a little.  Would
>> it be reasonable for strict mode to reject "abc def", where that space
>> is literally ascii 32 space?

I don't know if that would be reasonable!  I think this is the
pertinent info from the spec:
In base64 data, characters other than (those in Table 1, line breaks,
and other white space) probably indicate a transmission error

I wouldn't vote against rejecting "abc def".  But I wouldn't vote for
it, either.

In your particular situation the real problem is probably a bug in
your client's code.  Maybe you can get your client to use the
commons-codec-1.4 Base64.encodeBase64URLSafe() method?

By the way, you may find this method useful:


Unfortunately it treats whitespace as valid.


Julius Davies
250-592-2284 (Home)
250-893-4579 (Mobile)

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