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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Deadlock in DBCP and Pooling
Date Sat, 19 Dec 2009 11:02:21 GMT
On 19/12/2009 00:02, Pawan Singh wrote:
> I am getting a deadlock in the following place very occasionally. My code is
> set up exactly as the examples suggest on the DBCP site.
> The code seems to be deadlocked at:
> GenericObjectPool.borrowObject() line:1104  <--- this code is in
> WHEN_EXHAUSTED_BLOCK and is waiting on latch.wait().
> PoolingDataSource.getConnection() line: 96
> My set up does not initialize the max or min connections at all with the
> understanding that the pool will allocate new connections as needed. Is the
> deadlock caused by the fact that someone did not return the connection to
> the pool and there is a max limit on it? How do I find how many connections
> are in the pool and who is using them?
> One last piece of information - I am using DBCP and Pool in a J2SE app.

Do you mean deadlocked or blocked. There is a difference. A thread dump
would help considerably here.

What versions are dbcp and pool are you using?


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