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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Re: Loading proeprteis according local
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2009 20:52:20 GMT
I have been considering either adding something to commons  
configuration, but more probably creating a new project to do this (or  
repurposing commons i18n).

The idea is that you want to have XML files that contain  
internationalized message text. XML because it has a proper way of  
specifying the encoding. But it would probably use the  
java.util.Properties XML schema. Then you would have a combined  
configuration that aggregates the files together in the manner  
described in the ResourceBundle javadoc. In my case, I also need to  
add in another factor - allowing the localized files to be overridden  
per "business client" for multi-tenant support.  Ideally, this  
framework should then be able to be plugged in underneath Spring's  
MessageSource API, Struts' MessageResources API or even the Java 6  
ResourceBundle.Control.  Of course, it should also be able to be used  

Basic localization can be done today in 1.7-SNAPSHOT with  
DefaultConfigurationBuilder, DynamicCombinedConfiguration and a set of  
MultiFileHierarhicalConfigurations. Just make sure that the pattern  
specified in the DynamicCombinedConfiguration and  
MultiFileHierarchicalConfigurations contains the variable for the  
locale.  All the framework I am proposing would do would be to wrap  
this in a standard way and provide a suitable API.


On Nov 4, 2009, at 12:33 PM, Oliver Heger wrote:

> First, please note that this is a shared list. So it is convention  
> to prefix the subject with the name of the component you are  
> interested in as I have done now.
> Answer below...
> NewWay schrieb:
>> I mean that i want to be able to use the services available to me  
>> in the
>> commons-configuration
>> but that the file that I'm using will be retrieved through the Bundle
>> mechanism so i can get it in different locals.
> Sorry, I still do not fully get it. Maybe you can elaborate a bit  
> more on your concrete use case?
> Commons Configuration does not have a Configuration implementation  
> on top of a resource bundle if it is this what you mean. There is no  
> out-of-the-box way to obtain configuration properties for different  
> locales.
> Oliver
>> - Noa
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