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From Alan Grimes <>
Subject Inherent problem with Java classes.
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 17:53:26 GMT
There's an inherent problem with all classes and class packages of all
languages. Basically when you package up a bundle of classes there are
few clues for a novice to determine which classes are for internal use
only and which are the primary front end of the API. Similarly, when
there are dozens of non-depreciated methods in a class, it becomes
difficult for a novice to determine which are the critical calls that
every application will inevitably use and which are there just to handle
corner cases or special applications. This is why I had trouble finding
the call for dowloading a file in the FTP system.

Javadoc is wonderful. It certainly does help when one needs a
refference. The VFS package seems to be closer to what I actually need,
but at the same time it's much more complex. This is why HowTos and
other tutorials are vitally important for all non-trivial packages,
especially packages for use as libraries. =(

Do you know where I can find useful getting started guides for VFS?

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