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From Alan Grimes <>
Subject Re: FTP library.
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2009 23:33:52 GMT

> Heh, too funny.  Commons Net will do what you want, but it's meant to
> be a lower-level API, more closely tied to the protocols themselves.
> Commons VFS builds a file system abstraction on top of all kinds of
> protocols (local files, ftp, http, etc.).  To me, it's easier to get
> that up and running and if I ever want to change it in the future to a
> different technology, I can without changing my client code, since
> it's using the abstraction.

Yes, it looks that way.

My problem involves finding and retrieving files from a FTP archive
which may or may not be on the same host I'm running my program on.
(hence the flexibility to switch between files and FTP objects is
important to me.)

Ideally, I'd be able to treat these as strings or something and pass
them directly into a CSV library to extract records... I'll pipe up
again if I have further issues.

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