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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [DBCP] a question regarding maxActive
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 09:53:54 GMT
Chen Bangzhong wrote:
> Hi, experts
> I have one java web application. In the application,
> several datasource was configured for dbcp. For each datasource,
> maxActive was set to 100 and max Idle set to 30.
> Then I used
> several crawlers to make the web application very busy, until the
> application reported that it can't get an idle connection to the
> database server. 
> But strangely enough, I found the connections to database servers was only about 100
using the nestat -an command. 
> so
> my question is : is the maxActive shared by the whole applications ? In
> my opinion, the max connection should be the number of datasource times
> maxActive.  For example, 4 datasources, the connections should be 400,
> not 100. 
> How about different jvm on the same machine?
> thanks
> (sorry for sending out this email two times. I revised the title in my second email)

I assume you are using BasicDatasource and JNDI in your application
server to retrieve the datasource.  Is this correct?

What version of DBCP and what application server?  Can you post the

Pls also provide the dbcp config.

DBCP itself does not share pools across BasicDatasource instances.

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