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From Frans Thamura <>
Subject Re: Send multiple email
Date Wed, 23 Sep 2009 21:26:32 GMT
> Are you intending to send messages through a single smart host or SMTP
> server, or do you expect your software to direct-connect with the mail
> exchangers (MXs) for each of your recipients?
> I ask because multi-threading is probably not useful if you are going to
> use a smart host: you should just connect and send all the messages at
> once, and then let your smart host's queue take care of threading. Your
> smart host might even reject multiple simultaneous connections, removing
> any benefit from multi-threading.

our country internet connections is amazingly bad, so the connection
usually on-off-on-off and this is amazingly annoying

we need a queue tips to make if i want to send 100 email, and after 20
emails the connection lost

and of course i will use smtp server like postfix,

the system will be use web so anyone can create campaign to our customers email

i try to send directly from my dedicated server and got problem
because before final success page arrived, the internet in my notebook
lost, so i think that make a thread in the server, but how to know,
that the email were succesfully sent.

that is the idea


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