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From Federico Mastellone <>
Subject Help: addXX method
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2009 02:35:24 GMT

I'm using BeanUtils setProperty method to import data from an Excel
file in a generic manner. I provide the parser a list of "colum name"
and "property name" pairs and then the parser sets the properties with
setProperty( ..., "property name", ...) for the Excel fields that
match with "column name". It's working nice but now I'm having a
problem, I have a property that is setted with an addXXX() method and
I cannot change that class.
How can I set this property without changing this class or the parser?
Is it possible?
Can I make something like a wrapper with DynaClass, PropertyUtils or
MethodUtils so when setting that property it calls the addXX method?


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