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From Guillaume Déflache <>
Subject [Jelly] JEXL error handling
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2009 14:36:07 GMT
Hi all! (I am new here, I only recently started maintaining a lot of 
Jelly scripts on some company project.)

I was just wondering why (in Jelly 1.0) Java exceptions in scripts (more 
specifically those coming from JEXL expressions) log at the TRACE(!) 
level? It makes noticing problems at runtime extremely difficult for us, 
as there is also (copious) log output at the DEBUG level.
(The exceptions also aren't propagated upwards, which is fine I guess, 
at least with good logging.)

AFAICU the problem is contained within the TagScript class[1] in the 
"handleException" methods: here a higher level of logging could be used, 
at least WARN I guess, or even maybe ERROR.
AFAICR this class is unfortunately created directly using new and/or 
referenced statically, so there is no way to use subclassing to 
circumvent the problem.




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