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Subject [math] Re: 2D Gaussian Fit
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2009 12:53:29 GMT
Hi Jean-François,

First, please use a [math] marker in the subject line when asking something about
commons-math. This mailing list is shared by all commons components so these markers
help filtering messages.

----- "Jean-Francois Daune" <> a écrit :

> Is it possible to perform a 2D Gaussian fit (giving center_x,
> center_y, sigma_x, sigma_y, theta) with Commons Math?

Yes it is possible. You will have to use the optimization package, and most probably
the LevenbergMarquardtOptimizer class from the general subpackage. This will be the main
algorithm that will perform the fit. You should implement your problem as your own class
implementing the DifferentiableMultivariateVectorialFunction interface (i.e. a class
that provides a "double[] value(double[] point)" method and a "MultivariateMatrixFunction
jacobian()" method (which itself wraps another value function). In your case, the point[]
parameters for both value functions will be the parameters of your fit, i.e. center_x, center_y,
sigma_x, sigma_y and theta. You can look in the junit tests of the library. In the
LevenbergMarquardtOptimizerTest class there is a Circle internal class that implements a fitting
problems for observed points that should lie on a circle. You can use this as an example to
implement your own Gauss2D class.

If this information is not sufficient, do not hesitate to ask and I'll try to provide more.


> Any help is appreciated.
> J-F
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