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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [DatabaseConfiguration] a problem with the removal of properties
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2009 19:06:38 GMT
First, this is the wrong list. issues@ is used for automatic messages of 
our bug tracking system. Please use

Further comments below.

LiquidLen schrieb:
> I am using a CompositeConfiguration and a DatabaseConfiguration (it is a
> member of the CompositeConf).
> I use the clearProperty(String key) on the CompositeConfiguration on a
> certain key, and i can see, in debug that it deletes the current key in the
> dbconf (inside it). i than addProperty(String key, Object value) to the
> dbconf (not the composite) and instead of adding it, it adds both the
> deleted and the new value in an array. this seems strange to me.

Can you post a short code fragment - or even better a unit test - so 
that we can reproduce the problem? This is indeed strange.

> another question. is there a standard visual editor for configurations (of
> commons-configurations)?

No, we do not have any specific editors. But depending on the 
configuration format you use there are various tools. For instance, if 
you are using properties files, Eclipse has an editor for properties. 
For XML a bunch of tools is available, too.


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