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From nodje <>
Subject Re: [Lang] excluding Fields in ReflectionToStringBuilder
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2009 07:16:16 GMT

Here's how I solved the problem of excluding Fields that are JPA/Hibernate
entities from the ReflectionToStringBuilder:

public String toString() {

        class MyReflectionToStringBuilder extends ReflectionToStringBuilder

            private MyReflectionToStringBuilder(Object object, ToStringStyle
style) {
                super(object, style);

             * Overloading of method accept() to exclude fields that are
instances of Entities,
             * and as such LazyInit exception prone.
             * Check if the given field has an @Entity annotation.
             * The above should be enough in the future, but in the mean
             * we check also the name of the field's super class in case
it's not already annotated with JPA @Entity
            public boolean accept(Field field) {
                if (field.getType().isAnnotationPresent(Entity.class))
                    return false;
                Type superclass = field.getType().getGenericSuperclass();
                if (superclass != null &&
                    return false;
                return super.accept(field);
        ReflectionToStringBuilder tsb = new
MyReflectionToStringBuilder(this, MyToStringStyle.getInstance());
        return tsb.toString();

The . isAnnotationPresent() method is very convenient in case you can
identify your classes with an Annotation, otherwise, I use
getType().getGenericSuperclass().toString() to check the superclass name.

nodje wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using ReflectionToStringBuilder to build a default toString() for all
> my Hibernate entities.
> It creates problem with non initialized Fields when outside of an open
> session.
> Basically, I'd like to be able to exclude all entity subobjects by putting
> them in ExcludeFieldNames so that they don't get accessed.
> I can't see any way to do that with the actual implementation. Do you
> think it's possible at all with the actual 2.4 implementation? What about
> 2.5.
> If not, I'll certainly have to implement my own ReflectionToStringBuilder
> with the ability of exluding fields that are <? extends ModelObject>. I
> wish I woudn't have to use 'instanceof' but I can't see any other way.
> thanks for your help.

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