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From ws_dev2001 <>
Subject [SCXML] state persistence with failure recovery
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 14:38:11 GMT

Hi all,
is it possible to persist the state of an scxml instance into a database ?
What would be the api call structure to achieve this?  I understand that the
junits have roundtrip testcase to check for serialization and
deserialization. However, file system based operations are not currently
envisaged. I am looking at the 0.9 release of commons-scxml. Further, I have
a custom eventing framework and would like to use this within the scxml
state machine so that all calls to fireEvent are going to create and emit a
custom event which would cause a transition to be taken for a statechart
The initial requirement of persisting the state to a database is given a
failure scenario when post restart the statechart instance needs to be in a
particular wait state and awaiting action(input event fired to it) so that
the next state(if not a 'final' state) can be transitioned to.


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