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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: Status of Commons Compress
Date Sat, 25 Apr 2009 07:23:03 GMT

> 1) Anyone have an idea if there's a release expected anytime soon?

we currently have no open issues which speaks against an version 1.0
soon. We need to do some final checks. See this:

> 2) If not, what quality level is the SVN code?  Obviously usually
> pre-release implies code of questionable reliability.  But as the code in
> Compress originally comes from Avalon -> Ant -> an older open source
> project, perhaps the code is of sufficient age and maturity that it'd be
> pretty reliable even in its pre-release format.  So, in other words, is the
> SVN code stable enough to use on a production system?

I think its good! :-)
We have worked on it lots in the last time and esspecially Zip has
improved very much.

> 3) If it's not stable enough, what ancestor code would one recommend that I
> use instead?  Ant?

Some of the code still is an duplication of Ants code. But Ant is
backwards compatible, we don't need to go this way, and that means our
code looks more clean (not an offense!). If you take Ants code you
have the benefit that it is released, but I think you shouldn't see
much difference to the code which Compress provides.

However, Compress hasn't been used much in production, so Ants code is
more tested.


> Thanks,
> DR
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