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From Tom H <>
Subject Re: Commons Mail - how to avoid mail ending up in 'junk'
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 12:34:57 GMT
Aravinda Dassanayake wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am working on an email application where most of the time the mails are
> viewed through MS Outlook and Evolution. In most cases, the mails that I
> send programmatically end up in the junk folder.
> Is there any method to avoid this at a programming level?


Obviously without an example of a mail or a spam report its not possible
to determine the exact cause of your problem. However its likely that
the mails you are creating are missing or have oddly formatted headers
or other attributes. (From, mail Id, dates, no mx record)

I am not familiar with the internal method that outlook or evolution
uses to test for spam, but if you are unable to determine the problem
from the spam log, or inspecting the mail headers and attributes
directly, you could install spamassassin and pipe an example mail file
to a local copy of that. This would attach a copy of a spam report which
usually gives low level details of exactly what it doesn't like about
your mail.



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