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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: Using DBCP with Hibernate - How to reconnect if the poolable connection is closed
Date Sat, 18 Apr 2009 14:17:13 GMT
Ryunix wrote:
> Hi Carman,
> I had already set the validation query and enable the removeAbandoned to
> true
Do you have testOnBorrow set to true?  That is the property that 
determines whether or not connections are validated on checkout.
> It seems that on some occasion when the removeAbandoned closes the
> connection, it will close the underlying poolable connection, and when my
> application uses the connection, i can see that the connection object
> returned by session.getConnection() would have the value isClosed=false, but
> when I expand the connection object to the poolable connection, i can see
> that isClosed=true.
If your application/Hibernate is properly closing connections, you do 
not need to set removeAbandoned = true.  If you do use this, you need to 
make sure that the removeAbandonedTimeout is longer than the maximum 
amount of time that your application will hold onto a connection that 
has been checked out from the pool without using it. 

> jwcarman wrote:
>> You can turn on the connection validation [1] by supplying a
>> validation query.  Then, DBCP can test if the connection is okay when
>> it tries to let you borrow it.
>> [1]
>> On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 2:07 PM, Ryunix <> wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> we have an application which using hibernate with DBCP.
>>> and the application will access the database using hibernate session
>>> which
>>> obtain the connection from the dbcp pool. The application will provide
>>> webservices to be used by other application.
>>> In some cases where the 'poolable connection' obtained by the hibernate
>>> session is closed, our application will throw error saying the connection
>>> is
>>> closed to the webservice client, and this error will only occur at that
>>> particular web service call. At the next call, the webservice can return
>>> result to the caller successfully.
>>> To prevent the error, we had added an intermediate 'loop' function to
>>> test
>>> the connection obtained by the session, if the connection (poolable
>>> connection) is closed, we will issue conn.close() and release the session
>>> .
>>> However, it seems that the connection obtained through
>>> session.getConnection() at every loop is always the same, and hence would
>>> have the same 'connection is closed' issue.
>>> May I know if there is any way for me to force the session.getConnection
>>> to
>>> return me a new 'valid' connection?
>>> Thanks guys in advance
>>> --
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