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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [commons-exec] How to exec scp from cygwin?
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2009 00:42:38 GMT
On 03/04/2009, Michael K. Craghead <> wrote:
> It turned out to be relatively simple. All I had to do was create a command line with
a string of the absolute path of cygwin (relative path probably works as well if cygwin is
in your PATH or System Path):
>  Executor exec = new DefaultExecutor();
>  CommandLine cl = new CommandLine("c:\\cygwin\\cygwin.bat");
>  The part that I was confused about was how to get the Executor to take the scp as part
of the cygwin and not a windows command since the openssh package works as part of cygwin
and not windows (if anyone knows how to use a cygwin ssh package directly from Windows please
let me know). All I needed was a pipe ('|'). I didn't think it would be that simple, as it's
been years since I've done any real work on *NIX without a GUI interface of some sort.

I think you can just run the Cygwin exes in a DOS window.

For example, I just tried:

d:\cygwin\bin\man.exe bash

and that showed the man page for bash.

The Putty toolkit has an ssh command-line client you can use from
Windows, called "plink".  Also "pscp" for copying files.

>  cl.addArgument("|");
>  cl.addArgument("scp");
>  cl.addArgument("-B");
>  cl.addArgument(StringUtils.quoteArgument("/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/michael/some
>  cl.addArgument("michael@my_remote_host:/home/michael");
>  exec.executive(cl);
>  Of course I had to use the quoteArgument() method for the absolute path of the file
to be transferred since it has spaces and *NIX doesn't like spaces. That was it. I think cygwin
would stay 'active' as long as you kept adding pipes and *NIX commands/scripts to the command
line. I haven't played with it. It's just a guess.
>  For me, the hardest part was just getting openssh setup properly since I hadn't used
it before.
>  Thanks for your interest.
>   Michael K. Craghead
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>  From: Siegfried Goeschl <>
>  To: Commons Users List <>
>  Sent: Friday, April 3, 2009 4:38:52 PM
>  Subject: Re: [commons-exec] How to exec scp from cygwin?
>  Hi Michael,
>  no idea since I never used cygwin but it would be highly appreciated if
>  you share your insights ....
>  Thanks in advance
>  Siegfried Goeschl
>  Michael K. Craghead wrote:
>  > Looking at the tutorial for exec it doesn't look to difficult to use, but I'm not
sure how to go about setting up an exec for an scp command that runs inside of cygwin. Can
someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
>  >  Michael K. Craghead
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