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From Marian Schedenig <>
Subject Re: Compress: Reading archives within archives
Date Sun, 19 Apr 2009 00:29:14 GMT

Christian Grobmeier wrote:
> thanks for using compress!

I nearly didn't - the nightly build directory linked to on the website only
shows md5 files, and the SVN link on the main page gives a 404 error and a
Python traceback. Fortunately, I discovered a working SVN link in the Wiki,
as Compress does exactly what I need (zip, tar.gz and bzip2).

Very interesting usecase, I didn't think about nested archives.

Neither did I, until I stumbled about the first such case in my own backups.

this happens, if you use the autodetect feature from the factories.
> Please wrap your inputstream in a bufferedinputstream (or anything
> else which supports mark - i don't know others :-)) and the error
> should dissappear

It does! I had the main stream (the FileInputStream) wrapped in a
BufferedInputStream, but not the ArchiveInputStreams I got from it.

With buffering, I now get exactly one of the "oversubscribed dynamic bit
lengths tree" messages, but this seems to be related to a password-protected
ZIP file within my main ZIP. Compress manages to read the first entry
(ArchiveEntry, that is... I'm not trying to get the content from these
files, and with an encrypted ZIP, that obviously couldn't work) from this
ZIP before giving this exception. But all the remaining ZIPs from the same
main ZIP are parsed correctly, so I think everything's working correctly

Thanks a lot!


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