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From Rory Winston <>
Subject Re: Net.NNTP: Different behavior using different newsserver
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 00:08:25 GMT
Are you able to capture the output on the wire, so we can reproduce?

Zender00 wrote:
> Hi,
> I got some troubles when I am using the package
> with different (binary-)newsserver.
> On my first testserver all methods worked fine
> (Connecting/Authentication/Load groups/Load header of a group).
> But when I tried to use a different server (same kind of access) I get a
> completely different behavior.
> Connect and authentication works as the same but I does not receive any
> newsgroup. (Method NNTPClient.listNewsgroups() )
> On another server I get once again another behavior: This server does send a
> lot of group information but I cannot receive any header from a newsgroup:
> NNTPClient.retrieveArticleInfo() returns always only an "-1".
> When I use GrabIT to scan these different server there are no problems, so I
> guess there is something wrong in my nntp package.
> Are there any known bugs within this package who can explain this?
> Kind regards,
> D. Penning

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