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From Gordon Oliver <>
Subject [BeanUtils - 1.8.0]: Getting 'not assignable from' IllegalArgumentException in BeanUtils.copyProperties
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 20:06:43 GMT
Hi all.

I seem to have a problem with BeanUtils 1.8 (that does not occur with 
identical code in 1.7).

 * Tomcat+Struts-1.3.8

The exception results when I copy from a POJO to a DynaActionForm.

In this case there are three objects of interest:

where both Client and Points Observation are subclasses of Observation.

The exception is thrown at:
MethodUtils.getAccessibleMethod(Class,Method) line:782

The problem is that the class is ClientObservation, and the method is a method 
on PointsObservation. Furthermore, looking at the stack, BeanUtilsBean seems 
to have gotten a set of descriptors from the cache that includes the method 
on PointsObservation.

Does anyone have any idea of what I should look for?


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