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From Sergey Vladimirov <>
Subject Re: "implementing SSH in java" for Apache Commons-Net
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 08:48:27 GMT

I'm not sure how it should be done for GSoC, but may be you should
contact your mentor, not commons-user list. Anyway, commons-dev will
be better. But...

1) Package names like "transportlayerproto", "connectionproto" or
"userauthenticationproto" are ugly. Sorry for the truth. "transport",
"auth" and "connection" will be better.

2) "Design" page consist only from package diagrams. It's not the
design, it's just a list of packages. Nothing to comment, really.

 - create picture that shows design of SSH-protocol, according to standard(s)
 - show how different parts of standard(s) (from prev. picture) are
mapped to your future implementation.
 - create class diagramm (if you prefer this kind of diagrams).
Two/three sequence diagramm will be good as well.

Sergey Vladimirov

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 11:50 AM, Vinod Kumar Badhavat
<> wrote:
> Hi
> I already posted this message yesterday but there was no response. I'm sorry
> to post this again, but i need your suggestions for this project. please go
> through the following link and suggest me if i can do still better.
> Especially, i need your help in code designing, please go through code
> design pdf on the page,
> Link : <>
> Thank you and sorry for troubling
> Vinod Kumar.

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