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From Linda Erlenhov <>
Subject [SCXML] Executor Questions
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 12:52:19 GMT
I have just begun using the Apache SCXML  and I have encountered a problem.

This is what already is:
I have an editor for HMI. You build the interfaces using modules and then
connects to actions and events in a databas and this is then run by another
engine that sends events/actions (for some strange reasond they are named
the "wrong" way in this program, i didn´t build it so...) to a CD player or
whatever through a protocol via an interface.

My job:
 is to build a simulator for the "cd-player" part. The" tricky" is that it
should be generic, so that the client can build whatever kind of machine he
or she wants to.

I have created a graphical interface with GMF in eclipse where you can build
statemachines with the help of "modules" representing states, transitions
etc. This generates a XML representation of  the statemachine once it´s
finished and then that is translated into SCXML. So far so good.

so what we have here now is HMIeditor <-> DB <-> Engine <-> protocol <->
(??????) <-> Apache engine<->SCXML<->XML <-> my editor for statecharts.

All the functions (actions, events etc.) of the "cd-player" is described in
a XML file wich both the HMI editor and my editor uses so I can put them on
any form I want to and I have knowledge in what the HMIeditorengine "does"
to the data.

This is what I think is the problem (above shown as (??????)):
Between the apache engine and the protocol ther should be an interface
(duh). My interface there should start up both engines and then (i think)
listen to two buffers (i´m thinking two threads), my interface takes care of
the translation from the protocol data look to the ApacheEngines data look.

I just don´t undstand now how I should start up the Apache engine. I don't
understand what i need the context and evaluator and so on for, the things
that the apache engine recieves should be on the form it wants?

Or have I just misunderstood?

I hope someone understands something of what my problem is.

best regards

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