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From Christian Mahnke <>
Subject [collections] Map decorator for lists available?
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 19:09:24 GMT
I've got a quick question:
I've got a java.util.List of objects and want to add metadata about the 
collection of objects to this list, the most suitable approach would be 
something mimicking a  java.util.Map. Is the some sort of functionality 
in Commons Collection to archive this?

I've thought about something like this:

List l = getListOfFileLikeObjects();
MapListChimera mlc = new MapListChimera(l);
mlc.put("owner", "system");

The objects in the list describe various characteristics of a file (eg. 
local and remote file name). I want to add informations about the 
complete set of files contained in the list, like size, owner etc.

Or am I on the wrong tracks?


Christian Mahnke
Center for Retrospective Digitization
Goettingen State and University Library (SUB)
University of Goettingen
Papendiek 14
37073 Goettingen, Germany

phone: +49 (0)551 39 - 4917
skype: christian.mahnke

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