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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Add New File Provider
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2009 00:21:10 GMT
I have not investigated this at all so I am relying on your findings  

If a 7zip provider can be written that has a dependency on a 7zip jar  
and that jar is licensed under the LGPL then this is permitted under  
current policy. We would simply need to notify legal-discuss that we  
intend to add 7zip as an optional component to VFS. Since the  
providers are all pretty much optional components there really is no  
problem with that.  The dependent jar cannot reside within Apache's  
SVN, but this is not a problem since VFS uses Maven - assuming, of  
course, that the jar is available in a maven repository.

The pom.xml for VFS would need to list the dependencies as optional,  
but we are already doing that for some of the providers to limit the  
amount of baggage that is brought in.

If you create the provider, provide unit tests as well as instructions  
for using it I would be happy to look at it and get the necessary  
permission from legal.


On Jan 29, 2009, at 2:12 PM, Ramon Buckland wrote:

> Hi Feras,
> I am not a developer for commons-vfs but have the following comments  
> for
> you.
> You are free to use commons-vfs in accordance with the Apache  
> License under
> which it is distributed.
> In general this means a fair bit. See here for details on the license.
> What this means is you can, if you want to, write a new provider for
> commons-vfs, however commons-vfs may not be able to incorporate it  
> into the
> core due to license restrictions between a 3rd party library and the  
> apache
> license.
> In particular, this details what license could be compatible with  
> Apache's
> Now to specifics on 7zip. Jzip it seems is a GUI tool, i had a  
> ferret around
> and can see that 7zip actually provides an SDK for java for 7zip.
> I notice that most of 7zip is licensed under LGPL. And the SDK seems  
> to be
> marked as "in the public domain".
> If you were to use the 7zip SDK to add a File provider support to
> commons-vfs you would
> (a) not be able to distribute it with the commons-vfs is the code  
> from 7zip
> you use is LGPL.; or
> (b) if it is only "public domain" software, you would need to  
> investigate if
> it is compatible with Apache's.
> I suspect it is (a). Others can comment.
> By all means, this does not stop you from doing the work, you using  
> it, and
> also distruibuting the provider on your or some other website not  
> affliated
> with commons-vfs.
> hope that helps
> Ramon
> On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 05:36, feras ahmed <> wrote:
>> Hello...
>> I would like to ask if I can add a new File Provider For 7zip file  
>> format,
>> as I trying to access files inside 7zip.
>> I am using J7zip so is there an example or way to do this or any  
>> other ways
>> to do that.
>> Thanks ...
>> Best Wishes
>> Feras

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