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From "EXT-Crawford, Amber" <>
Subject FielUpload parseRequest returning no items
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 22:13:16 GMT
I have used FileUpload IE on 6.0, on JDK1.5 and use  jboss-4.2.2.GA to
run FileUpload. I am not getting any items in ServletFileUpload
parseRequest. The problem is, this method used to work and I was able to
get files uploaded and the List<FileItem> did bring back results.
I have searched and looked at all the posts online regarding what could
go wrong. My JSP tag includes , Struts is using ActionForm (extended
from ActionForm), and my Form Bean contain the FormFile and getter and
setter for it. 

 <html:file styleId="uploadFile" property="uploadFile" size="40" />
  contains a field called uploadFile and has appropriate getter and
My Action class is derived from MappingDispathAction (that extended from
Action class).

I switched Jboss to version 4.0.5 GA, last last version that I thought
should work for this method, but it still didn't work.

Should I change IE version, or Firefox? I am really frustrated that it
USED TO work!

Any help is appreciated,

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