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From Anna Södling <>
Subject [SCXML] Using SCXML for a simulation
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2009 12:17:46 GMT
I'm doing a thesis work where part of the work is that I'm supposed to
be able to draw an UML statechart representing an application (like, for
example, a CD-player) and then step/run through it, using some kind of
"engine". I have already built the statechart editor (done in GMF for
Eclipse, which was a demand from the employer), but now I need some way
to 1) translate the UML-information to SCXML and 2) be able to run/step
through the simulation. Is Commons SCXML a good solution for this? As
far as I have understood, the engine-part is possible to do with Commons
(although I haven't quite figured out how to do this yet), but how about
the translation-part? And is it possible to use Commons together with a
GMF-built editor? Does anyone have any experience doing this? 
I'm sorry if my questions seem a bit fuzzy. I can try to clarify them if
needed, but for a start I just want to know if I'm at least on the right
track here.

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