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From "Ian Clarke" <>
Subject [javaflow] getting started, and using with Scala, Maven, and Eclipse
Date Sat, 17 Jan 2009 15:25:38 GMT
Hi, I'm trying to get started with Javaflow and am a bit lost, I've
searched for "getting started" instructions that cover installation,
but can't find anything.

I'm using the 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT Maven dependency to get the Javaflow Jar
and its dependencies (is this wise?).  I want to use Javaflow with
Scala, and my development environment is Eclipse.

A few questions:

Is this where I should be getting a Javaflow binary from (ie. is it a
recent version)?

How do I get Eclipse to do Javaflow bytecode instrumentation as part
of its automatic build process?

Anything else I should know about using Javaflow with Scala?

Many thanks,


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