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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: DBCP 1.2.2: configuring defaultReadOnly param
Date Sat, 31 Jan 2009 16:34:26 GMT
Josh Wyatt wrote:
> Phil Steitz wrote:
>> Josh Wyatt wrote:
>>> Phil Steitz wrote:
>>>> Sorry.  Strike last response.  Misread the post.  False, which is 
>>>> the default, should work.  Please open a new JIRA for this.
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Phil
>>> Thanks for the note- I created one, DBCP-282:
>>> For reference, I did try setting the parameter to "true," and the 
>>> new behavior is a litany of 'SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY' instead of 
>>> the original 'SET TRANSACTION READ WRITE,' so looks like I am 
>>> setting the parameter in the correct location in the configuration, 
>>> but no love on an 'unset' value being honored.
>>> Can I assume this will be as easy a fix as DBCP-178?
>> The problem has been fixed in the source to be released in DBCP 1.3.
>> Phil
> Thank you for the investigation and the resolution.
> Is there any way for me to get this fix into my production 
> environment?  I could not even find a way to download the 1.3 source 
> tree.
To download the current (1.3) sources,  follow the instructions here

The current (1.3) sources are in trunk.

To build a jar from the sources, you can use either maven 2 (mvn clean 
package) or Ant (ant clean jar)

We do not recommend using unreleased code in production, however.   
Current sources may contain as yet undiagnosed regression bugs, there 
are no release notes to review, and it is hard for others to help 
troubleshoot issues when you are working with an unreleased snapshot. 

There are two other ways that you could workaround this problem, 
assuming you can't wait for the 1.3 release (which still requires some 
work to get out).   If you are OK building a fork from source you could 
download the 1.2.2 source distribution 
( and replace 
PerUserPoolDataSource#setupDefaults with the version of this method in 
svn trunk.  The fix for DBCP-207 should be backward compatible,  so that 
should work.  Alternatively, if you don't want to fork, you could 
subclass PerUserPoolDataSource (and its factory), overriding the 
setupDefaults method with the version in the current source.

> Thanks,
> Josh
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