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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: dbcp and long running queries
Date Thu, 01 Jan 2009 19:51:10 GMT
daniel steel wrote:
> All,
>   we are having issues where long running process is throwing error - that connection
/statement object is closed.
> For eg:
>   we have to process 100 invoices. so at the start of process, a connection is created
to the database and then invoices are processed individually. and after process 75 invoices,
the program exits with message statement / connection closed.
> if we run just 75 invoices, we do not have any issues. So this leads to me believe some
thing in our configuration is causing the connection to be closed. 
> we are using removeabandoned property to remove abandoned connections. from the docs,
> Traversing a resultset doesn't count as being used. in our application, once we get data
from database, it is processed in our app before next invoice is pulled from db. And during
this processing, i think the connection is getting closed as abandoned.
> if i change the abandoned timeout, i will have to increase maxactive so as to avoid exhausting
the connection pool.
> is there any other way to tackle this or any other setting that will help in fixing this
issue? or am i missign something in my analysis?
> dan
Sorry for the slow response.   As long as your application closes all 
connections that it opens on all control paths, you do not need to use 
the removeAbandoned property.  

You should not have to depend on the abandoned timeout property to keep 
from running out of available connections if you are closing them 
properly so they get returned to the pool. 

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