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From Jaroslav Pullmann <>
Subject [SCXML] Help with Data()
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2008 15:38:03 GMT

  Dear all,

  could you please give me a short hint on these questions ?

   1) where to find documentation and source code for the "Data"-function for JEXL evaluator
      I need to clarify which subset of XPath is supported.

   2) there is no "name" attribute on <data> in current working draft, but Data() depends
on it:

       a) <data ID="foo"><foo>bar</foo></data>
       b) <data name="foo"><foo>bar</foo></data>

     the action <log expr="Data(foo,'node()')"/>

     - throws an error for a: Data(): Cannot evaluate an XPath expression in the absence of
a context Node
     - returns "bar" for b)

    Will the Data() implementation be adapted to the spec ?

  3) How to address nodes in a specific namespace via Data() ?

       <data name="foo"><f:foo xmlns:f="fooNS"><baz>bar</baz></f:foo></data>
       <!-- how to address f:foo ? -->
       <log expr="Data(foo,'foo')"/>

  4) assign supports static source-URLs via @src. Is there a way to supply an srcexpr,
   or what would be the recommended way to perform and store XML data from parametrized GET-requests

   broken example:

     <data ID="MyId">3q495</data>
     <assign location="Data(test,'response')" expr=" 'http://localhost:8080/exist/ess/queries/getData.xqy?id='
+ MyId "/>

   Many thanks !

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