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From Martin Dyulgerov <>
Subject Re: DBCP problem with idle object
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 07:32:50 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
> Looks like you may not be closing your connections on all control 
> paths.  Are you sure there are not exception conditions that could 
> cause your close() activations to be missed?
Hello again. I am sure that in every JSP or servlet I am closing thje 
connections with the following piece of code:

                pConn.close(); // my connections, gained from the 
PoolingDataSource, they are of type Connection
            catch(Exception exc)
                System.out.println("Exception: "+exc.getMessage());
                out.println("Exception: "+exc.getMessage());
MySQL shows opened only one connection when the pool seems to be 
working. I dont know what is causing the pool to stop working and giving 
the exception. As a result of my further research on the problem on the 
Internet yesterday, I am now using the following settings for the pool:

GenericObjectPool.Config config=new GenericObjectPool.Config();

I am going to continue my work on the project, so if the exception shows 
again I'll know in a matter of hours. Thanks for your replies.


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