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From "S James S Stapleton" <>
Subject FTPSClient/Auth issues
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2008 17:00:38 GMT
I have a sever (myserver), which I can log into via sftp/commandline from 
cygwin or the *nix of my choice:
    $ sftp jim@myserver
    Connecting to myserver...
    Password: [my password entered here]
    sftp> exit

I am attempting to make a practice ftps link for another application. I am 
testting with a command line app that lets me upload a file via command line 
(I give my username, password, local file, and remote location via command 
line). I know the password isn't secure here, but this is a small test 
server and I change my password when testing.

The problem is, I keep getting the following error:
534 Kerberos Authentication not enabled.

The relevant output section looks like this:
    Attempting Connect. Authvalue: jim:[my pass]
    [TRACE]534 Kerberos Authentication not enabled.

    [TRACE] FtpUploadTest.connect(
    [TRACE] FtpUploadTest.main_(
    [TRACE] FtpUploadTest.main(
    [TRACE] [message] 534 Kerberos Authentication not enabled.

    [TRACE] [cause] null
    [TRACE] [string] 534 Kerberos Authentication 
not enabled.


The relevant snippet of code is:
    String security_method = "";
    int reply;
        security_method = "TLS";
    FtpUploadTest.client = new FTPSClient(security_method);
    /*I have tried it with and without this next line*/
    FtpUploadTest.client.setAuthValue(FtpUploadTest.user_name + ":" + 
    System.out.println("Attempting Connect. Authvalue: " + 
    System.out.println("Connection complete");

The entire main block is put in a try, and sent to the following trace 
function if there is an exception:
    public static void trace(Exception e)
        StackTraceElement[] st = e.getStackTrace();
        System.out.println("[TRACE]" + e.getMessage());
        for(int i = 0; i < st.length; i++)
            System.out.println("[TRACE] " + st[i].toString());
        System.out.println("[TRACE] [message] " + e.getMessage());
        System.out.println("[TRACE] [cause] " + e.getCause());
        System.out.println("[TRACE] [string] " + e.toString());

Any suggestions on what I should do or what I am doing wrong here? I can't 
find anything that strikes me as relating to this situation in the docs, or 
with google. I can't setup kerberos on the ftp server (running on an hpux 
box). I have no idea why this works with the command line sftp client that 
comes with any arbitrary flavor of unix, but not this api.

Thank you,
-Jim Stapleton 

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