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From "Daniel Schwager" <>
Subject RE: [SCXML] is live (with eclipse IDE) available on
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2008 19:18:35 GMT
> >

> I tried to look into it, but at some point it asked me for a login and
> I had none. It would be even better if you could add such an example,
> and just give us the viewing pleasure :-)

Ups ?

1. use a java based browser and go to

2. write down the loginname/password written on this page  (Login:
commons-scxml, Password: commons-scxml)

3. Click to the access-link  below and confirm the EULA (which I have to
rewrite later ....)
   Sun Secure Global desktop (SGD) "webtop" will open. 

4. Click on the icon "START-Demo-SL" on the left side at the top of SGD

5. A small swing application will start and ask you for login. Use the
login data from 2)

6. wait about 30 seconds - eclipse with commons-scxml will appear on
your local client.

> Nice. And if you want to be listed on the "Who is using it?" section
> at the bottom of the home page [1], open a request in JIRA.

I will open a jira ticket later 


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