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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [daemon] How to achieve log rotation of jsvc outside of Tomcat
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 16:32:05 GMT
Simon Kitching schrieb:
> Steve Cohen schrieb:
>> Simon Kitching wrote:
>>> Steve Cohen schrieb:
>>>> I am using jsvc to run a non-Tomcat java application as a daemon.
>>>> I would like to achieve rotation of the system.out and system.err
>>>> logs.  This is running on a Linux system, but I am by no means a Linux
>>>> guru and when I see information like "support proper log rotation
>>>> using SIGUSR1" I don't know what that means.
>>>> Can someone provide a pointer to a more basic explanation for how to
>>>> keep these logs rotated?
>>> I'm not a commons-daemon developer, but took a quick look anyway.
>>> I guess your comment about "rotation using SIGUSR1" is referring to this
>>> jira issue:
>>> That issue is still open, so as far as I can see jsvc does NOT support
>>> this.
>>> I can't see any other hint that jsvc supports log rotation, other than
>>> stopping and restarting the service.
>>> Note that a well-designed java app should not be writing much to stdout
>>> or stderr, so log rotation for that shouldn't be all that important. If
>>> you are getting lots of logging output, maybe the logging configuration
>>> for the application itself is misconfigured? Most java apps use either
>>> log4j, logback or java.util.logging's default loggers to write messages
>>> and those can all be configured in various ways.
>>> Regards,
>>> Simon
>> I am using log4j.  Perhaps I need to turn off stdout logging.  But
>> there are still other things being written by support libraries that
>> I've never been able to figure out how to direct into log4j - Most
>> notably Hibernate, which logs the SQL to stdout and not to the log4j
>> logs.  If I could figure that out, this would get much less acute.
> I'm a little surprised that you have Hibernate SQL logging enabled in
> what sounds like a production system (dev systems wouldn't be be running
> as a service using jsvc).
> But if Hibernate logging always writes to stdout then yes that is a problem.
> It does sound like you should add a "me too" note to that JIRA issue in
> case that pushes someone to commit the patch (or DAEMON-80 which uses
> syslog instead). Until then maybe you should build your own version of
> jsvc with that patch applied. Then you could have a cron script that does:
> * mv system.out system.out.old
> * kill -s SIGUSR1 pidOfJsvc (force jsvc to reopen logfiles, ie create
> new system.out)
> * wait a few seconds, or until file "system.out" is created
> * now can safely move system.out.old to somewhere else

Hmm..just coincidentally, there is a thread on the tomcat-users list
about rotating the "catalina.out" logfile for tomcat. Someone suggested
a solution that might just work for you too. The suggestion was:

* create a unix pipe called something like "system.out"
* use the pipe as the file for jsvc to write to
* use program "rotatelogs" or "gzlogs" to read from the pipe.

These programs apparently are part of apache-httpd. I hadn't heard of
them before but googling shows plenty of info.

See the thread titled "catalina.out rotation" on tomcat-user for the
full info.

I'm a little worried about what happens if "rotatelogs" isn't running.
Presumably when the pipe is full the writer (ie jsvc) blocks. But it
probably isn't a problem in practice.


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