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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [daemon] How to achieve log rotation of jsvc outside of Tomcat
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 14:03:37 GMT
Steve Cohen schrieb:
> I am using jsvc to run a non-Tomcat java application as a daemon.
> I would like to achieve rotation of the system.out and system.err
> logs.  This is running on a Linux system, but I am by no means a Linux
> guru and when I see information like "support proper log rotation
> using SIGUSR1" I don't know what that means.
> Can someone provide a pointer to a more basic explanation for how to
> keep these logs rotated?
I'm not a commons-daemon developer, but took a quick look anyway.

I guess your comment about "rotation using SIGUSR1" is referring to this
jira issue:

That issue is still open, so as far as I can see jsvc does NOT support

I can't see any other hint that jsvc supports log rotation, other than
stopping and restarting the service.

Note that a well-designed java app should not be writing much to stdout
or stderr, so log rotation for that shouldn't be all that important. If
you are getting lots of logging output, maybe the logging configuration
for the application itself is misconfigured? Most java apps use either
log4j, logback or java.util.logging's default loggers to write messages
and those can all be configured in various ways.


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