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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Swing components for Commons Configuration?
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 19:45:34 GMT
Mark Fortner schrieb:
> Hi Oliver,
> This looks like a good start.  I was thinking about something a little more
> comprehensive that would allow someone to map configuration items to fields
> in forms.  For example, if this was implemented via annotations, you would
> be able to decorate items like this:
> @Prefs{"/user-prefs[2]", "defaultFolder"}
> Preferences defaultFolder = .....
> This basically indicates that the object defaultFolder is bound to a field
> called "defaultFolder" which is found in a panel called "user-prefs".  The
> "user-prefs" panel is a child of the root node of the tree, and is the
> second field on the panel.
> Ideally, binding an item to a field on a panel would be declarative, and
> would obviate the need for property change event handler code -- similar to
> the way in which the Beans Binding framework works.
> It's probably a little beyond what you had intended, but gives you some idea
> of what I'm looking for.
> Mark

Ah, I see. This is indeed an interesting approach. And you are right, 
this is beyond what I had in mind - and probably out of scope of the 
Commons Configuration library.

I wonder whether it makes sense if a library like Commons Configuration 
would be integrated into a typical application framework, e.g. the Swing 
application framework [1]. Configuration is an important part of every 
non-trivial application. And with an approach like yours the framework 
could easily provide support for convenient preferences dialogs.

Just thinking aloud...



> On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 1:14 PM, Oliver Heger
> <>wrote:
>> Mark Fortner schrieb:
>>  I was wondering if anyone knows of a set of Swing components that could be
>>> used with Commons Configuration?  I have an application that has
>>> accumulated
>>> configuration information in XML files and properties files.  I'd like to
>>> access this information from a single user interface and also a single
>>> programmatic interface.  Commons Configuration seems idea for the latter
>>> use
>>> case, but I can't seem to find any components that would allow the user to
>>> interact with configuration settings.  Specifically components like a
>>> preferences Tree, and editable forms found in the Eclipse Preferences API.
>>> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
>> I have written a Swing table model based on a hierarchical configuration
>> [1]. Is this the sort of stuff you are looking for?
>> Oliver
>> [1]
>>> Regards,
>>> Mark Fortner
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