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Subject [beanutils] Using Beanutils with JDBC DAO vs Using a Persistence Framework
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 17:37:29 GMT

I've been reading some articles on persistence frameworks such as iBatis,
Hibernate and the Java Persistence API.  I've only been programming with Java
for a few years.  On my most recent project I used Beanutils to store data in a
RowSetDynaClass object and later iterated through the DynaBeans to fetch the
data and make use of it (some of you probably saw a few messages I posted).  I'm
very comfortable doing things this way, in fact I'll probably implement this in
another project I'm working on.  I liked the fact that I didn't have to create a
class for each table I would need to query data from.  As long as I know the
field names in my database, it's very easy to get the data out of the DynaBeans.

Through the articles I read on persistence frameworks, I saw things like
defining SQL statements in XML files in iBatis that can later be called by a
simple method and the results get mapped to an object class that is created
ahead of time.  Perhaps the statements could be mapped to a RowSetDynaClass
instead.  I didn't look to deeply into Hibernate as most articles I read seemed
to state that iBatis is better suited for environments where there is an
existing database that's already very established, and this is the situation I
am in with an existing DB2 database  running on an IBM iSeries.  In any case,
I'm very comfortable writing my own SQL statements and creating simple
connections, preparing statements and then executing them to get the resultset.
So I'm wondering if I would be benefitted in some way by trying to implement
something like iBatis?  Or am I better off using the RowSetDynaClass approach I
recently learned?

What are your thoughts?


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