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Subject [Betwixt] formatting dates
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2008 17:38:12 GMT

I'm using a bean that contains a java.util.Date and I need to be able to
have this formatted (using a SimpleDateFormat object) to a specification
I've been given. At the moment the date is being rendered in the output XML
using the default format. Is there a way to tell Betwixt to use a
SimpleDateFormat object for this one element? I *could* change the
getter/setter to use a String representation but that would change the
interface and probably wouldn't be acceptable to the developers who'll be
using it; also I'd like to be able to have the format string only be
something used for Betwixt, rather than being part of the bean code (i.e.
the bean shouldn't need to know or care how it's represented).

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