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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] Utility method to aggregate Statistics
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2008 01:49:37 GMT
Luc Maisonobe wrote:
> Ted Dunning a écrit :
>>>> Or maybe it would be interesting to request it as an Improvement to
>>>> the Commons Math developers, adding an "aggregator" to all Statistics
>>>>  implementations?
>>> If you want to request this improvement, please open a ticket for it
>>> using our JIRA tracking system:
>>> You'll have to register to be
>>> able to add your feature request. You can also provide a patch if you
>>> want to contribute it by yourself.
>> Luc,
>> Some time ago, I filed a Jira and added a patch about a week ago and haven't
>> heard a burp since.
> Yes, I see. I'm sorry to have let it slipped out of my mind, thanks to
> remind it to me. I'll review it.
I have been out of it the last couple of weeks due to various things.  I 
will also have a look.  Sorry for the delayed response. The basic idea 
of implementing densities has been discussed before and I have no 
problem adding this.  Just need to review.  Would be great also if Brent 
could have a look :)

>> I note that there are some issues from much longer ago that still have
>> pending patches as well.  At least one is years old.
> As the last release of commons-math was done earlier this year, we add
> to choose which features could be included in it and which should be
> postponed to next release. These choices were based on both available
> time to implement them and on the fact breaking API compatibility is
> done only on major release. This last release was a minor release: 1.2.
> Since then, we started work on net release: 2.0. We are still doing it.
> This will be a major release, with lots of new features, lots of
> improvements on existing features and quite a bunch of bugs fixes. This
> takes time.
> As an example, I am currently working on issues
> (2 years old) and
> (3 weeks old). The patch
> provided in MATH-157 will not be applied, the implementation will be
> very different, most probably based on the wonderful MRRR algorithm.
> This is a large amount of work as this is not a simple algorithm like
> the classical Golub-Reinsch algorithm.
> Work on stiff integration has begun, and this is also something that
> needs time to be completed.
>> What's happening on this?  Is commons-math dormant?
> No. It is an active project as you can see here:
> and here:
> (this second link is not up to date, this page was last published on July).
> The time resources we have are not indefinitely expandable. Many commons
> contributors do this on their own spare time, and commons-math is no
> exception. Of course, we are always happy to have new contributors, so
> please keep opening tickets and sending patches.
> regards,
> Luc
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