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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [math] Utility method to aggregate Statistics
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 19:55:44 GMT
Ted Dunning a écrit :
>>> Or maybe it would be interesting to request it as an Improvement to
>>> the Commons Math developers, adding an "aggregator" to all Statistics
>>>  implementations?
>> If you want to request this improvement, please open a ticket for it
>> using our JIRA tracking system:
>> You'll have to register to be
>> able to add your feature request. You can also provide a patch if you
>> want to contribute it by yourself.
> Luc,
> Some time ago, I filed a Jira and added a patch about a week ago and haven't
> heard a burp since.

Yes, I see. I'm sorry to have let it slipped out of my mind, thanks to
remind it to me. I'll review it.

> I note that there are some issues from much longer ago that still have
> pending patches as well.  At least one is years old.

As the last release of commons-math was done earlier this year, we add
to choose which features could be included in it and which should be
postponed to next release. These choices were based on both available
time to implement them and on the fact breaking API compatibility is
done only on major release. This last release was a minor release: 1.2.

Since then, we started work on net release: 2.0. We are still doing it.
This will be a major release, with lots of new features, lots of
improvements on existing features and quite a bunch of bugs fixes. This
takes time.

As an example, I am currently working on issues (2 years old) and (3 weeks old). The patch
provided in MATH-157 will not be applied, the implementation will be
very different, most probably based on the wonderful MRRR algorithm.
This is a large amount of work as this is not a simple algorithm like
the classical Golub-Reinsch algorithm.

Work on stiff integration has begun, and this is also something that
needs time to be completed.

> What's happening on this?  Is commons-math dormant?

No. It is an active project as you can see here:
and here:
(this second link is not up to date, this page was last published on July).

The time resources we have are not indefinitely expandable. Many commons
contributors do this on their own spare time, and commons-math is no
exception. Of course, we are always happy to have new contributors, so
please keep opening tickets and sending patches.



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