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Subject how can i Read, edit and write scxml-documents?
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2008 15:02:35 GMT
i am new in commons scxml and want to load a scxml-document from  system and parse it to Java
object,then edit it and output the edited document. how can i proceed ? 
example: i have the following document: NewText.xml

 <scxml xmlns="" version="1.0" initialstate="reset">
- <state id="reset">
  <transition event="watch.start" target="running" /> 
- <state id="running">
  <transition event="watch.split" target="paused" /> 
- <state id="paused">
  <transition event="watch.unsplit" target="running" /> 
  <transition event="watch.stop" target="stopped" /> 
- <state id="stopped">
  <transition event="watch.reset" target="reset" /> 

and want to load it a and the transition: 
<transition event="watch.stop" target="stopped" /> 
then create a new document newtext_1.xml an write the result inside.

thanks for your help in advance

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