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From Stephen Smith <>
Subject RE: [VFS] FTP extremely slow compared to SFTP
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2008 11:34:55 GMT

Just to return to the discussion entitled "[VFS] FTP extremely slow compared to
SFTP" on this mailing list late last year (Dec 2007) - I can confirm the same
behaviour on VFS 1.0. We use SFTP in production and FTP in testing with approx.
1200 files on both servers, and the VFS FtpFileObject implementation is far, far
slower than the corresponding SftpFileObject implementation.

It looks as though the performance issue is related to how AbstractFileObject
converts Apache Commons Net FTPFile objects into VFS FileObject objects... I
haven't had a chance to step through all of the code, but I suspect it's a
combination of AbstractFileObject#resolveFiles and how FtpFileObject uses its
Apache Commons FtpClient internally.


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