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From Pietro Santurelli <>
Subject Common DbUtils
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 21:12:05 GMT
Hi all,
I'm using common DbUtils 1.1 to execute this query:
SELECT column1 FROM table WHERE id_table IN (?).

Java fragment code is:
String params = "1,2";
String query = "SELECT column1 FROM table WHERE id_table IN (?)";
QueryRunner qRunner = new QueryRunner();
ArrayList<Store> stores = 
(ArrayList<Incasso>)qRunner.query(connection,query, params, new 

The ArrayList obtained is populated only with stores with id = 1. In 
other words, the stores with id = 2 aren't retrieved. The semicolon 
seems to be the problem.
Is this a bug of common DbUtils?

Thanks in advance,

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