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From "Daniel Schwager" <>
Subject [SCXML] JEXL, object setter does not work ?
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 19:12:30 GMT
Hi Rahul,

i created a statemachine with an JEXL context. In 
my XML-description, I do the following:

		<log	expr="'job said: ' + job.stateInformation" />
		<assign name="job.stateInformation" expr="'SET MY

The context has injected an object Bean-Job with the property
The setter/getter are available:
		StateMachineJob smJob = new StateMachineJob();
		smJob.setStateInformation ("OK - DONE");
		sm.setVariable("job", smJob);

If i run the automat, i got:
	INFO - null: job said: OK - DONE
	WARN - UNDEFINED_VARIABLE (job.stateInformation = null):

So, I'm not able to set my job.setStateInformation() ...
If I try the same with a normal "String" variable instead of an object
with setter/getter, 
the assignment works fine.

Did I miss something ?


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