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From Christopher Friedt <>
Subject TelnetClient disable echo (Please Help!)
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2008 22:36:32 GMT
Hi everyone,

After a couple of days googling, I searched the mailing list archives 
but did not come across anything to solve my problem.

Basically, I'm writing a Java app that will telnet into a TS-72xx ARM 
board and run commands. However, the commands that I'm writing out and 
flushing keep appearing when I try to read my results back from the 
telnet stream.

This seems to be the case regardless of which SimpleOptionHandler / 
EchoOptionHandler I specify, before or after connection. I've even tried 
every permutation of telnet option 45 (suppress local echo).

Could somebody provide reliable sample Java code that uses TelnetClient 
to connect to a telnet service (preferably that of BusyBox) ?

I've verified that the BusyBox telnet server is not at fault using plain 
old sockets to port 23. When I issue the IAC DON'T ECHO and IAC WON'T 
ECHO telnet directives, I do not see any echoing. That would also 
eliminate the possibility that my JVM is at fault or my OS, but if it 
matters, I'm running Sun JDK under Gentoo Linux / 2.4.26-r1, 
and commons-net-1.4.1-r1.

Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help!


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