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From Wolfgang Rabl <>
Subject [SCXML] two scxml questions
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2008 14:29:11 GMT

I am new in commonsSCXML and have two questions:

If i declare a variable in my scxml file as the example in the 
Documentation suggests i get an error:

My scxml file:

<scxml xmlns=""

    <state id="hello">
             <var name="foo" expr="'bar'" />


But here I get a Warning at the startup:
             Ignoring element <var> in namespace 
"" at file:main.scxml:34:38 and digester 
match "scxml/state/onentry/var"

What might be the problem here?

my second question is about registering listeners for notifications of 
state machine execution events. In the stopwatch example such a listener 
is implemented for the 3 events onEntry,OnExit and onTransition,
but this one only retrieves the stateID and calls a method of the same 
name by using reflection.
Is it possible to get more parameters that can be used later in the 
Method? For example i would like to implement a state, that is reached 
because of some special _eventdata. Now the entry into this state 
triggers a methodcall and within the method I want to know the content 
of the _eventdata. If thats not possible at least i would like to have 
access to the datamodel of the Statemachine so i could buffer the 
_eventdata there (if i figure out how the <var> tags work)

I would really appreciate your help in this manner.

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