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From "Jason C. HandUber" <>
Subject Commons-Math UnivariateStatistic implementations have no copy ability - Copy Constructor Proposed
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2008 13:46:43 GMT

I'm writing an evolutionary algorithm in which each individual contains 
StandardDeviations and Means. From time to time I need a deep copy / 
clone of an individual. Thus far I've actually had to keep a list of all 
data and, when cloning, generate a new statistic and increment it with 
all that data. Now that I'm moving to production level, turns out I'm 
running out of memory (no huge surprise). I'm going to extend Mean, 
Variance, StandardDeviation, FirstMoment, and SecondMoment for my 
application to provide a copy constructor (which, according to Item 10, 
page 51 of Bloch's effective java, beats out clone, and I buy that) for 
each. Anyway, I think that addition would be easy and general enough to 
introduce into the trunk. Any thoughts?


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