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From Stephan Schuster <>
Subject Re: VFS problem with StaticUserAuthenticator
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 09:09:23 GMT
hi together!

> Right!  The first step is to get you guys on maven since that's the
> easiest way to set up a maven-friendly release.  The process to get
> you in the central repository isn't very difficult either.  The
> requests do take some time, though.  My recent request took 2 weeks or
> maybe longer I can't remember.  Then, we change VFS' webdav provider
> to depend on webdavclient4j.  That sounds like a plan.  Again, if you
> guys want help mavenizing, just let me know.  I might be able to spend
> a few cycles getting it set up.

sounds good!

regarding the maven-friendly release i'm not an expert, but i always 
wanted to learn more about it. i guess that would be the chance. 
however, i definitly won't be able to spend some time here until i 
finished my current project. so james, if you could "spend a few cycles 
getting it set up" that would be great! probably you should contact 
jason beforehand. unfortunately i wasn't able to reach him during the 
last few days.


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